WELCOME ABOARD… Seaside Ministries, a Christian ministry associated with Seaside Chapel, is located on the Grand Strand area of South Carolina. We are here to share the good news of Christ and His salvation, and equip people to be faithful to Christ during the difficult days ahead. True Christians are more than simply forgiven of their sins, they are being delivered from the penalty, power and pollution of their sins. “Getting saved” is just the first breath in the Christian life. Seaside Ministries is here to bring the sinner to God and to perfect the believer in love and purity.

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Thank you for taking time to visit our website. There are lots of things in here, articles, reports, discussion groups, chat rooms, links to other ministries and friends. But the whole reason for the site is to let you know that God loves everyone and has a plan for everyone, and that “everyone,” includes YOU.

This shouldn’t take long to read, but it could last you forever. Don’t just read this with your head, read it with your heart, because that is where God wants to live.

THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION We live in a complicated world which seems to have more questions than answers. I certainly do not have answers for all of the questions our world faces. However, I do have the answer to the most important question anyone can ask; “HOW CAN I KNOW THAT EVERYTHING IS OK BETWEEN ME AND GOD?” The only reason I have the answer is because God told someone and then someone told me the answer. Now I want to tell you the answer.

GOD LOVES US God wants every person to be OK with Him. See, He loves us. Yes, I know, we have not always loved Him or shown Him that we loved Him, but He still loves us anyway. Just like me, you have chosen to do things which were displeasing to our Loving Creator, and then we chose to do it again and again and then we couldn’t help ourselves, we just kept on doing the things which we knew our Loving Creator did not want us to do.

WE HAVE LIVED FOR OURSELVES It is like we knew we should not do certain things and we did them anyway. We did those things even though we knew that we were moving farther and farther from God. We were putting more and more distance between ourselves and the God Who loves us. We did those things even though we knew that those things would separate us from God forever. That is why we are so bothered with life. Nothing satisfies and we know that we will be empty even after this life is over. Maybe we even know that we will suffer for the way we lived our life. There is so much emptiness and despair.

HE STILL LOVES US It is never good for us to do terrible things, resulting in despair and confusion. Sometimes people do not look for help until they come to “the last straw” in life. Sometimes people do not look up to God until they are on their back in a hospital or in the gutter. It isn’t because God wasn’t ready and able to help all along, but we just didn’t have time for Him. You would think God would not have time for us, but He does, He loves us, no matter what we did or said or thought, He loves us. In spite of all our mess-ups and failures and disobedience, He still loves us.

WE HAVE CHOSEN OUR OWN ROUTES We kept on violating His laws and moving ourselves away from Him and now we realize that we can’t get back to Him. We got ourselves in over our heads with our mess. We know that we have done things which are displeasing to Him, like lie, steal, cheat, hurt others, defile our own bodies, give to others the love which we should have given to Him. We have lived for pleasures, which really have not satisfied. But we need to realize that this same Loving Creator is also a Righteous King and a Just Judge. The Bible says that our sins have separated between us and God, and the wages or punishment for our sin is death (separation and suffering).

GOD IS REACHING OUT FOR YOU But God, Who is Loving, Righteous and Just was willing to do whatever necessary to get you out of trouble. He sent His Son to take away your guilt and punishment. Jesus was willing to remove your penalty by going to the cross, because He loved you. God was willing to give His Son and His Son was willing to give His life. And now His Spirit is speaking to you. He is drawing you to Himself. He wants you to turn around and come back to Him.

Someone wrote a song which says, He loves me, He loves me, He loves me this I know. He gave Himself to die for me, Because He loves me so.

BELIEVE GOD So… Do you believe you have broken God’s laws? You have. Do you believe you should be separated from God because of your lawlessness? You should. Do you believe God loves you? He does. Do you believe He wants to have a loving and living relationship with you? He does. Do you believe Jesus suffered and died for you? He did. Do you believe He rose again physically from the dead? He did. Do you believe He will forgive you and enter your life if you ask Him? Well, He will… …it is all true, and He did it for you. Do you believe it?

TURN TO GOD All He wants you to do is trust Him for His forgiveness, renewing and cleansing. It isn’t just a matter of religious jargon or exercises or head stuff. It is a loving and trusting relationship. Trust Him to do what He says and love Him for what He did. If you do, you will then do what He wants you to do, because He will actually come to live in your life and give you the power to do His will.

CONFESS TO GOD If you are ready to turn from your own way and follow His way you can talk to God right now. Do you want things to be right with God? They can be. Stop right now and listen inside your heart for Him to speak to you. He is speaking to you. Maybe it is guilt, emptiness, disappointment or shame. But God is showing that you need Him and that He loves you. Surrender yourself to God as you pray this prayer…

Dear God… thank you for loving me, thank you for talking to me right here. I know that I have sinned against You, and that I deserve to be punished. I believe Your Son Jesus loves me and died for me on the cross. I also believe Jesus came out of the grave alive because He is God, my Savior. I ask you to forgive me, and change me by coming into my life. I turn from my sins, and I will follow You as You lead me and empower me. Thank You for Your undying love and kindness. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

This is God’s lifeline to us. If we will receive this truth by faith, God will save us, deliver us, rescue us from our sins and our eternal separation from God.

The Bible says, 9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” Romans 10:9-10

GIVE GOD THANKS AND TELL OTHERS Now, Thank Him for forgiving you and giving you a new start. Follow Him in every area of your life. Tell someone else that you met with God and He has given you a new life and a new start because of what Jesus did for you. Tell them about Jesus.

Please contact me and let me know what God has done in your life and I will try to help you follow Jesus.

If you still do not understand this explanation and you really want a new start with God, contact me and we will try to help you meet Jesus.

Launch Out and Hold Fast, Pastor David L. Gould